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Millard Grubb
June 10, 2007, 07:50 PM
Looks like I have finally bit the bullet and am going back into show business. I was an entertainer for many years and the fact that i had to market myself led to learning everything about marketing.

For some readers on this forum, you know I have been on the street selling ads, had my own radio show, etc. Now, I want to venture back into the spotlight like I did before.... You see, I learned that as I was performing for the corporate market, I was able to get into the "inner circles" of many companies and help them....without coming to them as a marketer...very much as a "Stealth Marketer." In any case, I am going to be doing a very unique show that I will be pitching to High-end hotel meeting planners, sales staff, etc.

I believe that there is another option.

It is called "four-walling." I book the room. I sell the tickets. I do the show. Now, I was thinking of having a luxury hotel pitch the show to their guests a couple of nights a month...then another hotel do the same two other nights a month....and then one other hotel until I have no more than six nights in six different venues.

The challenge for me is to make it profitiable without giving the store away to the hotel. I know the gambit of just paying for the room and "Making Available" a few extra tickets for hotel guests (thereby having the hotel sell the guests on the idea). I do not want to sell anything afterward at the show proper (I have a unique service I want to get into the hands of businessmen). This technique made Basil Horowitz millions. I am adapting it in my area.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



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