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Hugh Gaugler
June 13, 2007, 01:40 PM

I'm perplexed by this test.

How do you define "fake smile" and how do you define "genuine smile"?

What are the criteria that makes a smile "fake" or "genuine"?

Lacking accurate, verifiable definitions, how can anyone judge whether or not someone's assesment of each smile is correct?

Without some real, scientific basis to determine "fake" from "genuine", isn't one person's opinion just as valid as the next's?

Obviously, someone is asserting that THEY are some kind of a "smile authority", and THEY know what is real and what is fake. BUT . . . if they can't give you the specific criteria that makes one fake and one genuine, how do you know that THEY are right and YOU are wrong?

It just could be that YOU are right and THEY are wrong!


---- Hugh

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