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Hugh Gaugler
June 16, 2007, 11:17 PM
A friend recently turned me on to a series of seven free 1 hour video classes on the U.S. Constitution by Michael Badnarik. Michael has been studying the constitution (and the IRS) for 18 years, and this series is a condensed presentation of what he learned.

These videos are EXCELLENT!

Check out the first one, and you will learn something, guaranteed!

Example: Do you know the difference between a RIGHT and a PRIVILEGE? Are you REALLY you sure you know the difference? If not, by the end of the first video, it will be crystal clear to you . . . and you'll have a much better view of some of the tricks your big UNCLE SAM has been playing on you.

Oh, I know you don't have an hour to spend watching an online video . . . ah, but that's the point! We just don't have time to find out what our rights are or how to claim them, and snip, snip, snip . . . there they go, out the window. (I didn't have the time either, but I watched it anyway. I was VERY glad I did!)

---- Hugh

Check out the first free video class here:


All seven can be found here:


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