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June 25, 2007, 04:54 PM

Thanks for ideas.

What the heck is an iPhone? "Thanks Megashake" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPhone

Interesting to see LG is claiming Jobs Stole the design from their PRADA phone. Of course, the similarities between the iPhone and other Large Screen PDAs would need to be taken into account. Mayhaps LG is looking for some Free Press.

I could see where LG might think Jobs is a thief. Xerox invented Windows, Jobs stole it then complained when MS stole it from him. HA!

As with the iPod, this is more about Hype then anything. Just another cell phone with web access abilities. Heck, my cell phone can do that now. It ain't touch screen, but so what? I don't use it to access the net, or watch teenage angst movies on youtube, now.

It'll take off as the trend following sheep jump to it. Oh well. Time to open a virtual ipod/iphone shop... if you can afford the Trademark Licenses - I see Jobs is in some hotwater there as well. HA!

And like the iPod, a non-user-replaceable battery. $500 down the drain when the battery dies 18 months down the track. I think not.

At least he's learning from IBM and allowing people to make Third Party Applications. But I won't jump for joy until I see them flood the market. - I won't jump for joy even if they do flood the market hehehehe.

Personally, I don't see a big enough advancement in technololgy to herold this is as the next sliced bread. But then again, he ain't trying to take over the world like Google. Just a tiny 1% of the cellphone pie - of course, he'll be happy if he gets more ;o)

Ever see that Scene in Star Wars where Obi Wan is told "if it's not in the archives it doesn't exist." Google and Wikipedia are "The Archives".

Now excuse me while I put some bread in my iToast, boil some water in my iPot and have a nice tea from my iCup. Ahhhh.... that's iBetter.

Michael Ross

P.S. I just thought... Job's created the biggest joke in history and no-one woke up to it. He called it the iPOD. And people blindly bought them, just like good POD PEOPLE do.

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