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Dien Rice
June 29, 2007, 12:48 AM
In my experience: stumbleupon.com has the higest potential to generate traffic - if you're not already extremely famous.

Reddit.com is ok. Digg.com is good only if you can make it to their front page (which would require *atleast* 50-100 diggs from your community fairly quickly.) But with stumbleupon.com - you can get a lot of traffic with just a handful of votes. So do check them out.

This may help: Its a plugin for vbulletin:

Thanks Ankesh,

I had a look at the plugin for vBulletin... I guess what I did was "create" my own plugin (though I didn't realize that's what I was doing at the time). However, it shouldn't be too hard to adapt their one... I'll be looking into it!

Also, regarding stumbleupon - I'll be looking into that too!

Thanks for the tips, Ankesh! :)



P.S. If you have a blog, you can look into using these to promote your blog too... Be sure to check out Ankesh's "How To Grow Your Blog Traffic" blog http://www.blogclout.com/blog/ . It's full of LOTS of great info on promoting your blog - and he's been adding new stuff daily!

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