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June 28, 2007, 05:55 PM
Apple has always done that. Every authorized retailer as well as apple.com have the exact same price on new Apple computers. The price that is set by Apple.

If it was illegal to set a minimum price, it must not have been enforced.

I wonder if the law applies to agreements on 'general products' such as mp3 players or TV's or whatever rather than a specific brand and model. If Best Buy and Circuit City and others agreed to sell ALL mp3 players for no less than $150 I can see where that could be a price fixing problem. A company such as Apple telling them that the 80 gig iPod Video must be sold at $300 would be a completely different scenario I would think. Although most products have a "suggested retail price" which retailers can undercut at their own discretion.

That's an interesting question Pete. Hopefully someone can shed a little more light on this one, you've really got me thinking!

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