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June 29, 2007, 08:23 PM
Hi, everyone! :)

I live near a large multi-branch military base now & was thinking of what to do here to capitalize on all the activity that's always going on here. The possiblities are just limitless!!! ~lol~

One thing in particular I'm thinking of is a Rental Guide. You know, where I put out a listing (with all the details of each house) of available rentals. I knew a lady that did this in Oklahoma City & called it Stricly Rents. But she did a little paper & also put out "Strictly Jobs" while she was at it. I know she had to be very busy!

But I do have some Q's I'd like your opinion on, like how should I charge? I could give it free & charge the consumers to buy the publication - (I would staple it shut) or I could of course charge agents & landlords to be in it...not sure about that one, how well it would work. Also, it will have to start out as a one page deal, b/c I don't have $500 to put into it for printing just yet.

Anyway, I'd like to hear/see some ideas, if you would. Anything is appreciated as I'm just brainstorming right now. (Oh, I also thought of sending it via email.)


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