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July 12, 2007, 08:45 AM
Hmm... Should've guessed.

Channel 2 is Australia's lefty channel. And my puzzlement of Them showing the doco was solved before it started...

There was a Presenter who said we'd First see the doco and then speak to the Aussie experts showing why it's wrong. And how he (the presenter) is Glad the views expressed in the doco are not supported by the channel. AND, that we should keep in mind this was made For skeptics.

In other words, the doco was prefaced by telling us after we see it the team of experts will prove it wrong.

And first step was the old Scientology Trick... discredit the maker first. If you do that, then what he says must also be wrong, right?

Next trick was to speak to the maker and Pick things of no relevance and make a big deal out of them and even tell how some Other scientist disagrees. But when rebutted with something that makes sense, quickly ignore it and just say "Let's move on."

Next saying "How deeply flawed is the doco?" Notice it isn't asking IF it's flawed. That is Assumed, only how Deeply flawed is the question.

But when one Expert questioned the presenter on not asking tough questions of Global Warming Mongers the presenter said he had no time to answer such questions and moved away from the guy quick as possible.

Another GW Monger expert said, it cannot be the sun causing the planet to change temperature otherwise we'd see more global warming during the day than the night. Huh? This is a scientific Expert?

Any other refutations on hard facts? Nope, because that would have required refuting irrefutable facts - such as the massive volume of CO2 released by the ocean, so it's silly to blame man's CO2 production, and so on and so forth.

With Plenty of time being given to the GW Mongers while the skeptics are getting shut down before being able to make a point, then GW Mongers being given as much time as they want to challenge what the skeptic says.

Incredible that channel 2 spent More than an hour of programing trying to refute the doco. I've never seen such a reaction to something. Completely biased, as the intro to the show revealed. Just incredible that the Govt Funded (tax payer funded) channel should be pushing an agenda so openly. And only paying lip service to those against it. Instead of, broadcasting a show and leaving people to make up their own mind.

I will say, though, the highlight was when the audience was given a chance to ask questions. They invariably asked questions of the GW Monger Scientists who didn't answer the questions because, the host said the question wasn't understood and moved on. But what it showed was... the audience was more clued up on the entire thing than the GW Monger Scientists thought - and knew a heck of a lot of stuff they didn't know.

Michael Ross

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