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Millard Grubb
July 11, 2007, 11:13 PM
Over the years I have sold books, cookware, advertising, marketing services, magic shows, etc., etc., etc. Most of the sales have been through marketing and not cold calling.

Now, however, I want to take a page from Gordon's notebooks, and present some of my hard-found knowledge in workshops and seminars. I seem to remember Gordon mentioning something about people "Under the radar" giving small seminars at the library or some other inexpensive venue and bringing in some "Small potatoes" over and over again.

I wonder if this concept can be used and upscaled a bit....

Business owners as a rule have more money to spend over time building their business and getting customers than most consumers. In other words, an individual consumer might give you a couple of hundred dollars for a sale or product and a few more bucks in the back-end. But a business owner convinced that you can build their business will give more to you.

With that in mind. I just wonder if it is possible to hold small seminars or workshops that help business owners grow...then upsell them on a longer course? Now, going into Chambers of Commerce without being a member (at least in my area) is like breaking through a wall....

Additionally, I do not want to spend thousands in advertising to get people to attend a seminar (I do not have the deep pockets that YK2 marketing has used in the past).

Let's say that I have no cash to blitz the media, papers, etc....but a VERY STRONG story and guarantee.... BTW, local libraries WILL NOT allow a business to have a seminar that makes a profit or pitches ANYTHING in any way....

Has this been done anywhere?


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