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July 13, 2007, 11:13 AM
I seem to be a little stuck and need a little advice. I'm starting a consulting business in the area of sales training. My plan is to provide training/consulting, coaching and products in the areas of sales.

Right now, I'm a full-time employee. I'm a VP of Sales for a $150 mm company. My day is jammed with meetings and managing. At night, workout (every other night), time with kids and working on business related items (marketing, training course work, products, articles, etc).

It just seems that I'm not making any progress. I'll average about 2 hours per night per week (more on the weekends) working on my business related items.

At this stage, there isn't much I can find to outsource, but I do when I can (such as web site, articles I hand write or dictate when traveling). My wife isn't a big fan of my quiting my job and then starting, even though we could live fine on her salary

How have people handled working full-time and trying to start a business? What did you focus on first? Where did you concentrate your time?

How did you handle creating your product/service with relation to when you started marketing? When did you know it was the right time to quit your job?

Any advice or words of wisdom would be great!

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