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July 15, 2007, 01:04 PM
Hi Gordon,

Great Post!

Everyone here could benefit from reading any of the books put out by the above named people including your Square One writings and Remote Influence. And it seems Michael is re-reading "10 Days To A Great New Life". A book about taking ACTION. A book I once bought but hardly studied like I should have and I no longer own a copy of it.

Maybe I'll get out of my rut and back into my grove If I ever get a round to reading it again. But for now I think I'd prefer to get and read your new Fly Low and Keep The Dough report. That sounds like something I could benefit from as I haven't been flying low or keeping much dough lately. What really adds up is what you learn, do, become and keep - not how much you make. I have not kept my life very private so maybe it's time to keep my mouth shut more often and keep my ears and mind wide open so I can learn more from the masters instead of assuming I already know it when I'm not even close.

I do disagree some what with you on "The Secret". Walking on fire and acting on the secret has helped many people to realize that the real enemy they have to overcome is their own stinking thinking. However, I do like your article on Leo's site of doing less "Magical Thinking" and replacing it with just a little bit of action. And Leo prove to me that - that is what really produces results. Leo was the first person who clicked on my http://beam.to/WealthBeyondReason link to actually take a little action. Leo's actions have benefited me just a little because the lions share of the commissions went to him and his affiliates as it should have because he took action and I didn't.

I got lazy and started to count my chickens before they hatched when another person to click on my link was an MLM Mail Order Millionaire who made a fortune back in the mid 90's selling a funded proposal information product to the Gold Diggers.

I thought all I had to do was sit back and wait for her to go to work. Well to date she still hasn't done a thing but the little bit of action Leo took is still paying dividends. It may not be much but little actions can ad up fast if you keep it up.

Anyway I am so grateful to you and Dein for keeping this board going! There is a ton of real gold here for anyone to dig and carry forward and hopefully Pay Forward by sharing these seeds of wisdom with others!

If you had a paypal "Donation" button at the top of this page I for one would take a little action and click on it. Just a suggestion for what it' worth.

Steve Shulenski

How To Use The Law of Attraction To Star In Your Own Movie - Guaranteed! (http://createmindmovies.blogspot.com)

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