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July 18, 2007, 05:18 PM
Hi Eagle,
Thanks for asking.
Your answer to monetizing the forum exists with your forum members.

You find yourself in a unique situation where the vast majority of those
members are individuals who not only are interested in long term
investing, but they share a collective experience of being associated with
the same outfit...even though it was a negative experience.

I propose that you start a newsletter where you research and report to
them on a regular basis, other investment companies and opportunities.

These people have already displayed an interest in a specific subject,
and though they were once burned, I'm sure they'll still be open to
receiving information from worthwhile companies...that you recommend.

For your profit source you can offer a paid subscription, sell ads inside
the newsletter, or be an affiliate of the well-researched, and carefully
chosen investment opportunities.

You'll actually be of service to your members because as the administrator
of the site they trust your judgement, and will rely upon you to do the
"hard work" of researching all recommended ventures.

God loves you.
Brent Whinfield.
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