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July 16, 2007, 08:06 PM

I'm looking for help in terms of ideas and recommandations on how can I establish a profit source as Admin of a forum which has 250 registered members.

This forum was set up not a long time ago, and it's members are mostly American, and they mostly come from a common background (I would say about 90% of them) which is that they were part of an long-term online investment firm, but which ended up as being a scam.
So the majority of these people lost money there.

Anyways, we have many well informed, intelligent posters.

This forum is set up on a free service provider's server, so we have some advertising in change, but very little- it's not bothering at all: only just 2-4 small adds, or a big banner on the front page, and this is all. These adds change every few minutes. Oh, and also we see a banner or small adds when we send PM-s to other members.

Otherwise the forum's software is excellent, and everything is very functional.

I would be thankful for every advice I get, even some wild and crazy looking ideas, because from own experience those sometimes can prove real winners.

I never had before a forum, I just spent a ton of time in the last couple of years on forums, and I don't know (yet) how to set up a business through Google, adwords stuff and such, so if you'll advise me in this area please be as specific as possible.

Thanks in advance,

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