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July 17, 2007, 12:49 PM
Last week I sent an email to readers of Fly Low and Collect the Dough, asking for any stories or ancedotes or people they might know who are simply making their business...THEIR business.

THANKS to all who sent these in...and I did some snooping around to see if anyone is doing IT in this neck of the woods.

From Atlanta: Scrap cardboard. One reader knew of a guy who spent his time collecting cardboard, took it to the recycle center and made some CASH. Ah yes. OH, by the way, if any of you want your names used, just let me know, I'll let the world KNOW about you...HA!

OK. Here in Munroe Falls, OH (where I had the big flood) there is a place next to the river called SONOCO products. They recycle paper and cardboard. Used to be a guy came around Chapel Hill mall, but now they have the big machines (the MALL owns them) that compress the cardboard and VIOLA the MALL has another revenue source.

Still plenty of momma and poppa businesses that won't or don't pay someone to haul away their boxes...they still GIVE their cardboard away.

So I snooped around, found a couple of FLY LOW types right here, who make 200 to 400 per day collecting cardboard. Thanks Atlanta.

Mississippi. A variation of the above. Grease collector. From restaurants. I checked around here, and YES, there are big companies doing this, and even a freakin franchise...and a couple of good ol boys (yea, we got em up here too)...with their greasemobile. Turns out, they make about 2000 bux a week providing this "gross" service to small restaurants.

California. Seamstress to muscle beach. YIKES. So again, I went a snooping. There are a TON of low key under the radar types...even found a small operation of about 6 seamstresses working for dry cleaners. But what I liked about the one in CA is the lady catered to BODY BUILDERS, who have a hard time finding pants and shirts to fit them...so she takes care of them...and I'm told for a PREMIUM price...wonder if she does the Guv? (Hope he doesn't grope her during a fitting).

Michigan. Auto detailer. Apparently this guy has had a "tent" set up for years at the local MALL. You can have your car detailed while you shop. And a twist reported...he has those buzzer thingys that restaurants use to let you know when you car is done. HMMM. Anyone know of anybody else using those things?

Pennsylvania. Critter catcher. Skunks, squirrels, whatever you got that you don't want...he'll make you critter free for some cold hard cash.

THESE are just a few ways that average and ordinary people are either supplementing their income via the "underground" economy or making a living and having the lifestyle they want.

THANKS to all who sent these little stories in. I saved a few to include in the next edition, whenever, or IF ever I gets around to it.

FLY LOW and COLLECT the DOUGH is a concept that is alive and well in America today...perhaps due to necessity for some.

Gordon Jay Alexander


PS. I've found several women who work for "pin" money, that's an old expression when women stayed home and were less involved in the workforce. Today, many women take second jobs to make ends meet.

I have found a couple though, that use their skills (sewing) for cash...and they follow the principle of ACCUMULATION. And the amazing thing is after 5 years, they have enough for a new car if they want to pay cash for it.

IF you learn to make a little extra dough that is UNTOUCHABLE, and you keep it in circulation...you'll be amazed at how fast it grows.

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