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July 19, 2007, 12:55 AM
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Re: gun shows- How about Money Making Gadgets?

Originally Posted by bobmcalister

the crowd at the gun show is tremendous ...large ...must really be a dedicated group ?

whatcha think I could market to those guys and gals? except guns ...

we have really been having alot of convention/meetings at the trade show here lately ...and need some ideas on selling sumthing to these guys and gals..



btw...anyone know anyone within a large corporation marketing department ?

Then Steve Says:

Hi Bob, I know just the thing you are looking for.

I did this at Flea Markets back in 92 - 93 and averaged
several hundred dollars in profits per weekend market.

But gun shows are far better for this than outdoor flea markets.
The guy who I bought all my inventory from is still in business.

His name is Robert Downs and his website is:


Steve Shulenski

Steve, that link is no longer working...do you know where one could purchase that stuff anymore? Years ago (it must've been just after you sold it to him, maybe?) I bought a very small setup from Robert Downs & I remember very well the bright gold pricing papers that he sent with it. I was impressed by that...it really did look nice!
I know that he was buying it from somewhere else & marking the price up, though, b/c it was a BIT high... Let's just say, I thought I could do better, b/c sometimes he'd have for MY price, the price I actually thought it should be selling for, you know?

Can you give any direction now?

I appreciate it!

Bea :)

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