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Millard Grubb
July 22, 2007, 09:26 PM
I'm back... Just had to step out for a minute.

Anyway, it has always been exciting to be my own boss, especially after working the numerous jobs in my career that taught me a lot, but made me feel like I was in prison.

My old friends, Brian Flora and Docc Hilford, made me realize that working for myself, even if it took all day to make a $200 sale or it took 25 calls to book a magic show, was worth the "pressure" of working for yourself.

I really appreciate what Michael has expressed with his building experiences. Even though he has had a great learning time in the job, I still SHUDDER at the thought of having my time "Held Hostage".

I have worked jobs I despised so I could pay the mortgage or pay the car note.... I never like to do things that way.... being paid what someone else determines is my value.

Looking for options.... looking for ways to help others while getting paid is of interest to me. Even if I have to wash cars for myself or mow lawns ala the flyer in the neighborhood methods shared here...Or sell hotsheets or create a local newsletter.... All are preferred rather than punching a clock.

Gordon, have you ever considered taking a bunch of these flying low ideas and somehow being the conductor and managing a few folks to do these things locally with you making a few bucks from each one?



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