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August 3, 2007, 08:12 AM
Go NOW and get your FREE copy of Before Your Buy Anything, the new revised updated 2007 edition.

It is FREE here: http://www.flylowcollectdough.com

I wrote the first version as a series of posts back in 95-96 and it was mainly about the great TRIAD of:


I now have 20 years of ONline experience dating back to my MACE Electronics day as a computer salesman.

And the TRIAD is as true today as ever.

In 1996 I started the WWW part of my ONline experiences. Melvin Powers introduced me to Charles Prosper, who helped jump start my www money making endeavors.

A LOT has happened (to us ALL, eh?) in the last decade.

And a LOT of nothing has happened to some of us who are in the same quagmire we were bogged down in a decade ago.

It is my opinion that a lack of a clear BUSINESS focus, in other words, so many people have pursued money or how to make money information rather than FOCUSING on building a sustainable business... a lack of FOCUS is the major component of being less successful than you think you should be.

Melvin Powers and Charles Prosper are still in the same businesses they were a decade ago. They've grown, changed and adapted their "core" businesses to suit the ever changing landscape of the Internet.

OK. Go read your copy today. It's FREE.

And maybe you want to have a pen handy to take a few notes too. It isn't long, but it is up to date with useful, practical and mostly OBSERVABLE details about success, in it's many forms.

Before You Buy Anything else, get this FREE report today.


PS. OH, and make sure you read the last few pages very CAREFULLY, it is where I try to sell you other stuff...you don't mind do you? After all, I freely give you 95% quality information with real life examples of success in a myriad of endeavors...so what's a little 5% sales pitch, eh?

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