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August 5, 2007, 10:40 AM
Hi George,

Hey I was watching some "wildfire" action not long ago and started thinking about an EMERGENCY mover...a guy comes into a threatened neighborhood and people can pack up their most essential valuables...or papers. Sort of like SAFES on WHEELS or something like that.

Anyhow, about Chatteling. When I wrote the Sprint to Freedom I thought that millions of people would benefit from it. Alas, there were thousands who bought it...and less than 5 that I know of have done a sustained effort.

It is WORK. But it can be FUN too. Ride your cycle to Sturgis and meet other like minded people for example.

And it is my opinion that Chatteling doesn't work for most people for the same reasons that Finder's FEES ala Jim Straw and Deals ala Harvey Brody...and other things that require a person to TALK and actually meet with others...

is that is just too frightening for many people. ONline, we've all read about the person who would rather eat rat turds than have to go out of her house to talk to someone face to face.

With Chatteling, I've found that people will make one or two little deals, and/or even one that puts a couple of quick THOUSAND dollars into their pocket...with a boat or car maybe, or motorcycle.

And they think that is cool...BUT, they want something steady and guaranteed, a cash flow.

Chatteling is NOT a cash flow business, although the larger sums can be managed over time...my experience says it won't.

IF a person were to sell a boat, one they bought on Thursday out of someone's back yard...and sold it on Sunday up on the lake...and made

$1,500.00 PURE PROFIT...that person is more likely to SPEND the money than to reinvest it in more chatteling.

I could be wrong, but it feels that we've created a society that doesn't have the discipline to save and/or reinvest in their financial well being.

ALSO, one problem is that it requires an on going effort...unlike Jason's post on passive income...I haven't yet figured out a way to do it.

And in those periods where I haven't been able to get out and about...then I see a serious decline in my chatteling income too.

Some have suggested that I start an ASSOCIATION of Chattelers, and we share in our leads and maybe even set up some sort of a "Club"...for example, in S. CA, YOU would be the "Club Leader" and it would operate somewhat along the lines of a mastermind group...and the post a week ago on that subject might help in finding the kind of people that would stick with it.

Also people don't follow through. Last week I got an email about an expensive piece of corporate chattel for sale. I asked for pics. Never heard anything back. I have TWO prospects within 10 minutes of me that BUY that kind of stuff and I KNOW are in the market for it.

So, here is a guy who NEEDS to make some quick cash, and he won't even follow up or follow through with a small opportunity right in front of him. And these kinds of DEALS can be found every single day on Craigslist.org

Yet it requires a discipline and a goal to keep doing it.

PERHAPS you can give the report away to people who sign up for a FREE workshop...just go over the Sprint to Freedom in 90 minutes...offer some personal HELP for a fee, or % of their efforts..or FINDER'S FEES.

You can use flyers or small ads, and have a few examples from how you located a bike over here and sold it over there and pocketed a few pennies in the process.

George, and this goes for all the Sprint to Freedom resellers as well as those selling the Beginner's Guide to Chatteling...I'll be glad to help in whatever way I can. Would you like me to do a video on Chatteling? You could give it away or for cost or make a buck or two on it...and then use the CLUB as a backend. I'm willing to do that.

Would it help YOU to know what other's are doing with Chatteling? I do have "students" all over the world...and some of them report every so often that they have found a DEAL and by gosh by golly, it went down exactly as I said it would in the work. Yea, I know.

Maybe I could produce a bi-monthly newsletter on the DEALS...or would you visit a private members site? When I had the forum up, it got very little traffic and so I closed it down...but I'd be willing to open that up again...but I can't be the only one that participates, I just don't have the time.

TELL me what would help you help others George. And I'm available to talk too...if you don't have my number, email me and I'll send it to you.

Gordon Jay (Mr. Chattel) Alexander

PS. I prefer email over Private Messages at the forum. And since I live on the computer 24/7, anytime is good for me.

OH. Maybe a teleconference? Or Video live? I have my camera pointing toward the ceiling right now, I guess I could reach up and adjust it, it's just so scary to see that guy who pops up on my screen when I do that though...YIKES.

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