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August 4, 2007, 08:51 PM
Hello All

I am seeking a paid consultant to help me market a report many of you are already familiar with. The Chattel Report - The Sprint To Freedom.

I am one of Gordon's authorized resellers. As I have shared with Gordon I believe this report is to good to let die . . . especially now.

Here's why.

On a recent shopping trip I noticed that there is a real sense of discomfort in the air.

Shopping carts that were once overflowing are now carrying only the basics.

Dads are short tempered with childrens request for a few extra goodies at the grocery store.

In my So. California neighborhood empty houses are starting to appear due to forclosures. The for sale signs are going up like popcorn seeds popping.

Neighbors complain of " barely making it"

I see all this going on around me and I wonder what it will be like when or if things really get bad.

2 years ago I lost my job of over ten years due to the Enron fiasco. Had it not been for that little report I don't know what I would have done.

I'm back on my feet now but my heart still goes out to anyone who has a family to support and finds themself in financial straights.

I have taken to giving the report away for free to people I know personally that tell me they are short of cash for the basics.

Even though I know the report works . . . very few of these people have read the complete report and even fewer have actually attempted to do any Chattel deals at all. Yet they all continue to say they are short of money.

The frustrating thing to me is that I KNOW they could improve their sitiuation if they would just follow the instructions in the report. Surely enough to make grocery shopping a little less stressful.

My Dad used to say " A scared man can't make no money"

I guess it's true.

Any of your thoughts would be much appreciated.

I want to get the report into the hands of people who will use it even if it's only 3 or 4 people of every 100 who read it.

george marquez

Perplexed in So. Cal,

P.S. If you are interested in a paid consultation gig please contact me through this forum.


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