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August 8, 2007, 08:47 AM
Hi Michael, I think that being religious is not the same as being spiritual. The first is very destructive and frightening and it’s leaders use brainwashing techniques to control their flocks. Being spiritual enlightens and tames the devil in us all. Being religious brings out the worst in others if you happen to disagree with their viewpoint.

Have you ever read any books by Eckhart Tolle, such as “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”?

You take someone like that who practices being spiritual and most religious people can do nothing but find fault with him and have to resort to using scare tactics to keep from losing control.

On your comment about taking plenty of pictures of your loved one… today we had an elderly couple come in for a one hour photo session. Both husband and wife in their mid seventies. The old bloke looked alright from a distance but every time I got close while posing them I could hear the rasping and gurgling of his lungs. After they left my wife pointed out that he stank of cigarette smoke. I hadn’t noticed because of my blocked sinuses.

During the session I thought to myself that he should have given up smoking a long time ago but looks like he is going to smoke himself to death. At least his family knows his days are numbered and thats probably why they called us for portraits.

I’ve taken you up on the advice you gave me on giving up sugar and coffee. But instead of going cold turkey like you suggested I have replaced my sugar with Xylitol and am replacing my coffee and tea with herbal teas. My breath has never been so fresh or my teeth so clean and plague free!

Steve Shulenski

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