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August 15, 2007, 02:05 PM
Cut to chase:

It doesn't matter the amount, 500, 5000 or 25000. The number you choose only tells you what sort of things to do. BUT, at the end of the day (or month in this case)...it all comes down to ONE thing.


The deal. The agreement between parties. Could be a deal between people, between entities, Corporations, LLC, govn't, NON profits...between two of these. But there has to be TWO parties involved.

And there has to be a DEAL struck.

Also, you are being assumptive about what I would or wouldn't say. Chatteling is what it is, it is irrefutable as a way for any person of any age, race or religious preference or sexual orientation to make money. Until they (the big THEY) outlaw money (coming soon), buying and selling of personal property will continue on.

As for the person with a phobia, aversion or just downright doesn't want to do "chatteling"...there are only 1001 other ways to go about it...

BUT, the problem for these type of people is, they also have an absolute aversion to many of the other ways too...and Millard, you did say a new wannabe Biz Owner without mentioning the kind of business they want to start or get into. THAT minor detail becomes a major factor in how to go about reaching this or whatever monetary goal they set.

The type of biz determines what they can and can't do, if you distinguish between someone who just wants to make the money as opposed to operating a business, which carries the connotation of longer term planning and actually having a business opposed to making money...it sets the parameters of the information.

Quite frankly, I WOULD'NT suggest chatteling for MOST people Millard because I know they won't do it.

First thing I'd do is find out what their list of phobias and aversions are, things they absolutely WON'T do under any circumstances, and it could be as high as 80% WON'T do anything that requires a face-to-face meeting with another human being. So that again limits the possibilities doesn't it?

I would suggest that most people have an "absolute aversion" with doing the WORK that is required to build a business or make money.

What this person WANTS to make and what this person NEEDS to make, say if he was going to lose his house, or be shot by Uncle Guido (pardon me my paisanos) .. then the MOTIVATION is a little different isn't it Millard? And under those circumstances I'd have something other than chattel for that person.

BUT, these kind of exercises and posts, and they go back to day one on the Internet, do little to help. I personally find them to be time wasters, with few exceptions and I'm responding only because of the assumption about what I woudl suggest, OK? There is NOT a blueprint that all or anyone or even any ONE can follow to achieve these goals.

Once you've set the goal, the 5,000...then you set the TIME to do it...8 hours a day? 2 hours a day? The parameters...from my couch in front of the TV...

ONLY then can anyone give a reasonable answer as to the HOW.

But you are WRONG about me suggesting chatteling to this person Millard, I'd suggest they get a job and get it quickly. Try a temp agency.

So NOW you really KNOW what I'd suggest.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I suggest everyone go to www.flylowcollectdough.com (http://www.flylowcollectdough.com) right now and buy something.

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