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August 22, 2007, 02:59 PM

Thanks for the links.


Thanks for the PT v PX idea and the Monitor idea.

Let me ask you, when you go to my page, do you see the same Overlapping as I showed with my graphic?

The thing is, I can change those settings in the style and adjustments will be made - but - I cannot change settings in Other People's Styles. So me changing my page to all PX or all PT doesn't effect how other people's pages display.

As I showed with this forum graphic, some fonts are Huge while others are Tiny - and on the same page. AND it Never used to do it - it happened after installing the software (Pagemaker, Adobe Reader and Distiller).

My thinking is, whatever was done to mess it up can be Undone. If only I knew what it was that got messed up.

Regarding Monitor... I don't understand how it could be a Monitor Issue as the monitor displays what the software tells it to, doesn't it? How could the monitor decide to show some things large and others small, is what I don't understand, and why only my internet software but not any other software?

For instance, I "CTRL-" a bit and took another snap shot of the forum. This is the result...


As you can see, some Huge fonts and Some Tiny fonts.

Any additional thoughts?

Michael Ross

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