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September 6, 2007, 02:57 PM
what you are doing?

How do you make money from this thing?

When you say "sign up businesses" does that mean they PAY to be there?

When you say "loads of advertisements", what do you mean? Who is paying for it and are you targeting NEWCOMERS?

What about the door prizes, balloons and pop? Who's paying for it?

You like it. Have you fallen in love with a bad idea? I don't know.

It sounds very messy to me. RENT a big hall...have you gotten estimates? Do you know when they are available? What are the liability issues?

The local Chambers of Commerce have these things every year, for FREE...what are you offering?

Maybe I didn't get the first post or what the purpose of this is...now Bea, I could be wrong...I just don't see what you are trying to do.

The problem with JUST DO IT... is your time and expense... WHO are you asking permission of? The CoC of that city? Again, what reason do they have to work with you and HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY From this venture.

Please provide a more fleshed out idea, or I'll have to take hubby's side on this one. Thanks,

Gordon Alexander

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