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September 15, 2007, 04:34 PM
YES, Real Estate is a great TOLL Position. I mentioned in a post about a company that pays 6 to 7 grand a month to lease a building...it is a manufacturing business. Over the course of time the lanlord collects huge sums of money.

One little coincidence, there is an article in today's Akron Beacon Journal about a local foundation that just gave away 160,000 to local charities...and this foundation also happens to be the OWNER of the property I was referring to. How sweet that must be to have your foundation funded by real estate toll positions?

Real Estate is fantastic, look at Trump. But it has or could have a much bigger downside to it too.

OK, consider this: You own the building my friend leases from you...and he pays you 6 grand a month...or 72,000 a year. You still have to have insurance, keep it safe, in good working order, etc.

Now consider you own a Plant Patent. And you have 5 licenses. Each licensee pays you 25,000 a year for the license. You collect 125,000 a year...and what have you done? SEE?

Now only 7 states are being crushed by Real Estate right now...but consider S. FL where the speculators went hog wild. Now they are hurting. Properties that were being sold pre construction are in some cases even to get the original investment back.

OR, walk a mile up the street here in C. Falls, and see the vacant strip plaza that the city wants to declare a "blight" area. The landlord seems unwilling to work with anyone...one has to figure there is a huge TAX incentive or benefit to his corporation somewhere because he owns about 3 of these 1/2 empy strip malls in the area.

Some of the downside to consider leasing corporate real estate, is the tenant...you think you've got a great one, say, a Montgomery Wards?

Real estate, land, oil leases, rights of way, mineral and water rights are all toll booth positions along with patents, trademarks, copyrights, chemical formulae, molds, processes, trade secrets, tools and dies, proprietary formulas, distribution channels, sources, etc.

All of these COULD be great toll postions...what I'm looking at are the Toll Gate positions that have the least "slop and mess" to them...the highest potential returns for the least amount of bog down...

Some people love owning 20 houses. One fellow who visits here has (or had) at least that many rental properties. Good business.

So you want to keep an open mind when thinking of TOLL postions...what I want to look for are those tolls that I can acquire with no out of pocket money, no loans or fix up specials...that can be turned immediately into cash flow with nothing more than a signature on an agreement. These are, for me, the kinds of toll booth positions I want.

Like Real Estate? Go for it.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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