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Pete Egeler
October 15, 2007, 09:08 AM
You're NOT "Karbo" or any of the others you love to quote. This doesn't have anything to do with them, but just poor writing on your web page.

Here's what I mean:

"He even has the Guru's questioning what they know. He challenged
one Guru that the Big Companies sometimes are dumb as heck." WHAT??? So what?

"On my site you will see my buttons and if you press on the right
button on the left you will hear me pitching my newsletters: The
Secrets of Marketing and Business Wizardry." NO Buttons anywhere, Joe!

"I only said I sale a voice program" You do NOT "sale a voice program", you SELL a voice program.

This isn't about Karbo's ads with no subject & verb, Joe. It's about a poorly written website that needs to be cleaned up.

This has been discussed for ions.. Folks are TURNED OFF by poor writing on websites. Especially if the person is selling his "ability" to show you how to do things correctly.

While you're constantly seeking answers on how to improve your business, you are just as quick to blow off simple suggestions that would help you.

All the books you've read don't mean squat. All of the English courses you've taken don't mean squat. If you can't, or won't let someone help you with your site presentation, the amount of income you can expect.. won't be squat.

Joe, people really could care less about what you've read, where you've gone, what you've done. What they want to know is "What can YOU do for ME". Once you learn to give them that information, you'll see a real swing in your business.

It's NOT about Joe. It's about your customer.

You'll have to sell a lot of Avon to make up for the money you're losing.


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