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Rod Carr
October 30, 2007, 07:09 PM

Thank you for clarifying the SQ1 Mobile Mini University/Training Center FRANCHISE plan.

Yes, your description of SQ1 is of a much more cost-effective and efficient approach then DiscoverU and all of the other business models presented.

However, the biggest difference between SQ1 and others that I see can be summed up in one simple, yet oh so powerful word…SYNERGY!

The SYNERGY of a bustling CLEARINGHOUSE of information.

The SYNERGY associated with the type of information people come a seeking to change their lives.

The SYNERGY of a business model that offers job seekers, employers, contractors, and others the ability to spin-and-move-forward on the even tiniest dime of information.


It took a while for the little grey cells to begin to grasp your concept, but I think SQ1 REALLY nails it!

One of these little centers is something EVERY business community should and could support.

This is powerful stuff!

If I may, allow me to toss a few more ideas into the barrel:

1. Developing some sort JV/Partnership with professional information brokers (see http://www.aiip.org/index.html). It is an emerging field and science that could bring added clearinghouse value.

2. Offering new products and services that people buy directly before, directly after, and to go with RESUME, JOB SEARCH, TEMP work, etc. For example, offering more extensive and progressive resume services for job/contract seekers such as web audio and video resumes. In addition to creating and mailing print resumes to prospective employers. And, offering more advanced tools and services for employers such as web audio/video job candidate screening. Thinking within the physical space requirements of something like the Kinko's passport photo corner, to operating an in-house SQ1 web video center in its place for all parties to use to their advantage and derive additional efficiencies.

3. Adding a mini retail supply center like a smaller version of Kinko's, but with the ability to produce and sell (even wholesale) more client specific hotsheets (see example - http://barcharts.com)

4. Generating additional revenue and free advertising with shared advertising Premium/Incentives. For example, distributing a free memo board with SQ1 & SQ1 Sponsors to every prospective employer who tours a center. Or, promoting a mini coupon booklet (purchase premium) with anything from clothing to dental discounts to new students. For example, sign up now to receive over $250 in Career Kit Savings. (Don, what do you think?)

5. Finally, if for no other reason then I like aspects of this branding/image, take a look at this page - http://www.geekposse.com/index.html. The Geek Posse theme has been used successfully over and over again (WAY too much if you ask my brother the computer technician!). Whatever, maybe it’s just the stampeding horses, but I thought there may be some value in presenting it.

CONGRATS on brilliant plan!


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