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October 24, 2007, 06:16 PM
It always seems to be that i just miss out on the great mags or newsletters that have great content and ideas and that are no longer in business.

For mags that would have to be Success Magazine as when i did subscribe it was only a few months later that they went belly up(did make some good cash from an ideal business in the book which had to do with Y2K bug).

One of my favorites Business 2.0 will no longer be publishing which is a shame as it is a great mag for ideas and new business. Millionaire Blueprints is ok however they appear to be running out of gas it feels like to me in their last couple of issues, however overall a good magazine.

For newletters it would have to be Gary Halbert's "Hotsheet"(Could be wrong on the name of the newsletter) but what it was a smorgabords of business to start and products to sell to hungry markets! Great Newsletter.

Mark Nolen was another one with an outstanding newletter. It consited of by which he would pick a mailing list and show you what products and services would be ideal to market to them with. Very Good Stuff.

What I am trying to do is hit upon those great magazines and newsletter that are along the lines that I talked about.

So please don't be shy post away!!

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