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Millard Grubb
November 1, 2007, 06:24 PM
A while back I mentioned how I was making a few extra bucks via the Ebay model. I am STILL making a few peanuts, (About $1000 a month) but not working real hard at it.

What has happened, though, is that I've gotten a REAL feel for what the magic market is looking for as well as price points.

I am going to do ONE LAST "Big Bundle" auction where I bundle ALL my products into a Mother-of-all-Offers type of deal.

This extra twist: I decided to add 30 days of my private, personal consulting services into the mix on the auction to see how it affects the auction. I have also added TWO bonuses that I am not selling anywhere.

This LAST "Big Bundle" auction begins TONIGHT at 8 PM Central Time.

My Ebay ID is: backyardgazette

I made the auction for only three days.

The whole purpose of my auctions was to check interest and to see what the traffic would bear. Generally most of the packages are 3 audio CDs with a CD-ROM resource guide.

I have sold a one CD-ROM auction with a back-end several times.

In addition, I have had previous "Big Bundle" auctions that sold for over $100, twice.

It would seem to me that at the prices I am getting, I should be able to sell in the "Regular" market for quite a bit higher.

In any case, I am still testing things and am looking forward to how this GIANT bundle with consulting does. (I do have a high profit way to make MORE MONEY outside of Ebay with this particular auction.)



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