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Duane Adolph
November 3, 2007, 04:03 AM
Howdy Sowpubbers.

I just listened to an interview with Sir Richard Branson which I know you will find valuable as some of you are entrepreneurs. Heck even if you are not, there is a lot that can be learned from the interview.

There are some "hotsheet" style pdfs of the interview at the site as well. I haven't clicked on those yet.

Some of the things discussed in the interview include:

* How he allocates his time. Richard details his current allocation of his time in percentages for his business life.

What I found most valuable was not so much his exact allocation percentages, but the fact that he was CONSCIOUS of his time.

MEANING he could actually give you an answer to the question of. HOW DO YOU ALLOCATE YOUR TIME?

I've seen this Trait in many successful business people. And I'm not referring to the Dan Kennedy's and other marketing gurus either.

Pay close attention to how much time he spends on "Firefighting" :->
(think 80/20 principle)

Quick Self Test: Could YOU answer the questions of how you allocate your time in your business endeavours??

* Gordon Alexander has discussed the concept of "Circulation" (I think that was the term Gordon uses) ie. Keep your money
circulating and not just collecting dust in a bank.

Listen carefully when RICHARD starts talking about Capitalism

O.K These 2 topics were discussed in part ONE of the interview.

So I have my OWN laundry list of Takeaways from the Interview. If anybody else wants to add their Takeaways of the interview, I feel that would be a valuable Thread/ Mastermind here at SOWPUB.

**NOTE: This interview was done, as a part of a promotion for an upcoming seminar by Joe Polish. So don't be "SHOCKED". It's like 90% Content 10% sales. That said, the content is top notch

Check it out yourself


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