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November 10, 2007, 11:06 AM
In case you missed it, I had a "knee jerk" emotional reaction to a post by Michael Ross whom, I FELT, dismissed the impact of OUTSOURCING on American manufacturers as a "hobgoblin"...

Ah, so now you know I am human...do get hot...some may think even a "jerk"....

After several emails and considering how the posts were going, I deleted the thread because it contained political rants, emotional reaction, possible insults...all of which do not help the cause of the forum.

So, first, Michael Ross. I do apologize. I didn't see where you were coming from...I just felt that I was being spoken to as a second grader by the teacher...

I see now that I over reacted...and should have given consideration without all the emotion to your viewpoint. Sincerely, I am sorry, and as I said, yes, you did hit a nerve.

But that doesn't mean I had to go off like I did.

Sandi, I apologize to you also, you are a valued member of this community and you got hit as my knee continued to jerk wildly about. I hope that you accept my apology and remain a friend of the forum.

Dien, I certainly didn't mean to insult you, and I know you didn't take it that way...you know me as well as anyone, and I'm hardly ever that uneven and off kilter...and it does take a lot to get a reaction like out of me.

My apology is sincere and I hope that we can continue to have discussions on many subjects, and don't "attack" the opposing viewpoint, but take a deep breath and not over react.

This forum is one of the "high quality" content forums online, and I apologize to all of our readers who witnessed my meltdown over the subject of OUTSOURCING.

Let's all just enjoy the 08 Olympics, I'm sure it won't be the beginning of anything but a mutually beneficial relationship between countries.

If you do have some input on how we all might prepare ourselves for the personal changes we all go through, I'd be happy to hear them.


Gordon Jay Alexander

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