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November 20, 2007, 06:03 PM
I was cleaning the attic the other night and came across
suarez' 7 steps to freedom.
Is this information still valid today?
thanks all

Don't eBay 7 Steps just yet. Here's why:

The "core" of the book, the NPGS formula is just as valid today as it was when it was written, even more so. How can I say that?

Today SCI is going gangbusters, busy as Oregon beavers, and doing it based on the Net Profit Generation System.

YES, there are parts of it that need to be UPDATED...and, who knows?...perhaps they soon will be.

But I call your attention to the fact it was written in 1993...and in the chapter called "putting it all together" (usually around page 2-222 or so) Ben describes what he would do just starting out.

He wrote that he would create an INFORMATION product for his first SGS, and that he would put it into some form of digital file that could be DOWNLOADED.

1993. If you remember, the "Internet" was, well it wasn't...Usenet and all the old online thingy's were around. SCI was selling computers making a run at Dell and Gateway. They had one of (if not the) first online communities and were involved in much early online development, especially some of the "legal" aspects of the Internet. Anyhow,

So those that followed his advice (Marlon Sanders springs to mind)...have done pretty well on the Internet with their digital products and following the NPGS formula, it is quite AMAZING!

Since SCI has been streamlined, it is more efficient, more profitable, and still very cutting edge. They have a complete HD studio to shoot their own infomercials...as well as all the elements needed by a direct response business...to do EVERYTHING in house.

What I might suggest...is that anyone with an old copy of 7 Steps to Freedom (or II) dust it off...look it over...and

ASK questions (here is fine) about those things that you believe to be outdated...and I'll find out, fair enough?

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. If anyone has SuperBiz or How to Master Direct Marketing (the forerunners of 7 Steps) let me know, I'm interested in collecting a few more.

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