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November 30, 2007, 09:07 PM

Before I get to you...ATTENTION 3 stamp people...IF you did NOT receive an email from me today...email ASAP, and I'll send you the Nov.30 UPDATE


Before Christmas of THIS year, you will have a chance to participate in a major marketing test. Why would you?

It is rare you get to see a TEST in progress. How they are done, what we are looking for...how it is constructed.

Some of you know I've been working very hard (and for me, that is painful to even write...he..he)...the last year trying to get my "stuff" together as regards Toll Position profits as taught by Harvey Brody and build a new foundation for my future business activities. It hasn't been easy.

For new people, here's the down and dirty: I got sick. Spent too much money. Stayed sick. Lost almost everything (and to some, even my once good name)...started getting healthy, got some great advice, took a new direction (Toll Postions) and I'm close...

Lord willing and Creek don't rise...

to being where I want and need to be once again.

Those of you that have stayed around during my personal roller coaster drama, your attention is appreciated.

So, anyhow. I'll announce here when every thing is in place and ready, and I encourage you to join in the test...it will cost you a double opt in email addy (and maybe, MAYBE a couple of stamps?)...but it is a very exciting time and as the year nears the end...

A great time to start setting those goals for 2008. Like I used to tell my momma (to her utter consternation)..."I can't wait for tomorrow, cause I get better looking everyday!" {since modified, when dear old mom asks me now if I still can't wait til tomorrow, I now say...OH mom, I can wait, believe me I can wait...and I also avoid mirrors these days too...HA!})


Thanks for your attention, I've heard we are NOW in the "Attention Age"... so it is appreciated.

gjabiz (Gordon Jay Alexander) at the Center for Income and Happiness {being happy and being patient on the income...but NOT too patient}

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