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December 3, 2007, 11:24 PM
Here's an "Entrepreneurial Christmas Present" I gave someone...

I just returned from a late lunch with a guy who was about to lose his house in November.

He WAS a "Logger". His whole family have been "Loggers" for over 100 years here in the Pacific Northwest.

I live in an area that used to be called, "The TIMBER CAPITAL of the World". Lots of trees (a "product") that the enviro whackos want to prevent us from harvesting so THEY can keep getting money from "Rich MISInformed whackos, for sitting at their computers Blogging and having "We hate Capitalists" meetings....and with their money from these MISInformed Rich Idiots, they hire lawyers who block Timber Sales by presenting their "Save The Owl" agenda to MISInformed (LIBERAL) judges...who shut down the forest and cause Timber Companies (like the one my buddy worked for) to CLOSE DOWN!

The GUMMIT paid for him to take "computer courses" to be "ReTrained" out of the Timber Industry....where his family has worked with their Hands and Backs for years...to where they want him to "work with his FINGERS" on a friggin PC Keyboard!


YOU who are reading this and "I"...have sat back and allowed our country to be "taken over" by a small percentage of "Loudmouth Socialists". I include myself in this because, even though I continue to let my "Political Reps" know how I feel...I feel it's not enough.

HOWEVER....I've gotten off the topic. Back to the reason for this note:

I told this guy (Whom "I" felt...had the Moxey to carry out what I laid out for him) HOW he could make some money to SAVE his house...BEFORE they foreclosed on it (He had about 8 yrs to go on a 30yr mortgage) ....AND...How he could have a GOOD Christmas.

I showed him a "PHONE BOOK COVER" I had created about 20 yrs ago.

"Phone Book Covers" are, and always have been POPULAR with Consumers.

Most, if not all, Phone Book Covers have "DISPLAY Ads" on them. These "Display" ads are usually "Business Card Size" and go for about $400 to $800 each...depending on the volume.

Well...because we were in "small town America"...I knew that most businesses would NOT pay $400 for an Ad....AND....I felt my "trainee" did not have the "stuff" to get $400 per ad....SO....I let my "creative juices" go to work....AND...what I came up with was;

"An ALPHABETICAL LISTING of Categories with ONE business or professional per Category. And...instead of only fitting 20 Ads paying $400 per Ad, I could NOW...with my New Layout...fit 60 Ads (and some other Community service Numbers) on my Covers...paying $285 (which was In Their Price Range and...easier for my "Trainee" to sell)

So...I put together a Sample and "we" went out and showed it to the top Real Estate companies in my area.

The owners LOVED the idea for 4 Reasons;
1) THEIR Logo and contact info was on the "Spine"
2) It was a well received "GIFT" to their clients
3) It would be a "Referral TOOL" that could bring them additional business
4) It was FREE to them

Each realtor I showed this to...gave me a LIST of their "service" businesses.

I spent 2 days with my "trainee" and showed him "How To Get Orders" for $285.

Well...here it is...about 30 days later and....my "trainee" has 43 Advertisers who've paid $285 each ($12,255)

I told him he can continue on till he gets 60 advertisers or...stop now and send in his order for Covers.

He decided to go for 60...which will put $285 x 60 = $17,100 in his pockets, less about $800 for the Covers...$16 thousand bux he would not have had "plunking on a PC keyboard"...or even "knocking down trees".

He is NOW up to date on his mortgage And his other bills...PLUS...he has "something to look forward to, next year.

Thanks for reading,

Don Alm

Note: I am NOT selling anything here. NO Report...NO ebook... NO "FAQ"...NO further "answers to questions"...NO nothin'. I simply thought a "few" people here, might be "inspired" with this and how an "old idea" could be modified and made to benefit the salesperson.

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