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December 17, 2007, 03:07 AM
[Posted by GordonJ:]

Here is the link to Mr. Brody's document explaining Toll Positions.


Read it carefully, or read it again.

Harvey Brody taught the concept of Toll Positions at USC and UCLA back in the 70s and 80s.

He held the seminars that taught people about Toll Booth Marketing, Toll Gate marketing, Toll Positions...and he refined his techniques learned under the masters of early TV advertising and direct marketing.

He's sold millions of dollars of products including books, courses, seminars before leaving the employees and headaches behind him and found he could make far more money, with FAR fewer customers (about 125 or so)...and NO employees, NO meetings...all from his home office working a few hours a day with nothing more than a fax machine and phone...and then, email (he has made millions of dollars using AOL).

We have been collecting questions and Mr. Brody has been very busy getting the answers ready.

You can add to the following list, preferably here.

On a personal note, I prefer email over private messaging...you may notice it takes me a few days to respond to PMs...but I get back to you pretty darn quickly (relatively speaking) with mail.

So, you can email me your Harvey Brody questions too. gjabiz@yahoo.com (same one since day one of yahoo)

Some of these ARE covered in the document linked to, so be sure to read it again before you find out the question has already been asked, OK?

Here are the questions and subjects so far you have asked about_:

How did Mr. Brody discover and perfect the Toll Booth concept?
What are the definitions of a Toll Postion?
Are there "auxilary" or more inclusive definitions?

How can I get quickly started finding a Toll Position?
Do I need a lot of money to do this? (NO, you don't)
Where can I learn more about Toll Positions?

How does licensing work?
Is it complicated to get a license to a product?
How do I keep from getting ripped off?

Is this a good or bad economic climate for Toll Positions?
Isn't China killing American manufacturing?
How do I protect my assets in hard economic times?

Should I have more than one Toll Position?
Where does Mr. Brody see the future Toll Position looking like?
Where do I locate the "stored value" of copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.?

How do I put a good deal together?
What should I avoid in a deal?
What are some indicators for NOT getting involved with someone?

And NOW, you can add to this list. We do have a lot more questions, but it doesn't hurt to get your INPUT now, and find out exactly what questions you want me to ask Mr. Brody so we can include them into the latest and newest version of his Toll Position profits book? course? or whatever it is going to be.

We'd like to have everything ready to go in Spring, but, perhaps, an editorial opportunity for a few of you far before then.

So PLEASE...post your questions...and if you are totally clueless about who Harvey Brody is or what he has done...read the document:


Thanks to all,

Gordon Jay Alexander

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