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Scott S.
January 6, 2008, 08:54 PM
The Democrats have raised minimum wage to $7.00/hr. Soon I'm going to be bathing in champagne and eating caviar. Driving Cadillacs and taking vacations. I'm going to be rolling in money.

I don't know about things like recession or economics but I do know that I have worked very hard to be debt free. And because of the sub prime mess I really feel confident that I can finally buy my own home, if I choose to. It may not be a castle but it will be nice. I am far to lazy to clean a castle anyway! The sub prime mess is really nothing more that a market adjustment for homes that are way overpriced. So if I understand right Gordon is correct in the fact that some good opportunities will exist if your ready.

I think everyone has made valid points on all issues. I would like to hear more from Gordon on finding opportunities that should exist in the near future, recession or not.

I hope this has not offended anyone. This is the last board I go to. I have deleted all others from my favorites. Most just aren't worth it anymore.

Scott S.

p.s. Thank God for spell checkers.

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