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January 6, 2008, 02:43 PM
Study history if you want but it's not going to be a lot of help. This isn't the 19th century but the people are still subject to 19th century thinking...and that's the real problem we face.

That and lawmakers without any sensible restraints on their passing of ridiculous regulations and so on.

What we need to do is repeal 3 laws for every 1 law they want to put on the books, at minimum for starters, then take some of that education for the masses money that's invested in 'garbage' research and educate the masses about cause and effect. Other than that...well, read your history books, bury your money until it is again worth more than the dirt it's resting in, and hang on for dear life.

To those who invest, more power to you, but give some thought to putting that money into things that will keep us out of recession or help the economy and the people thrive instead of taking the profits and putting them into gambles and speculation and then letting it sit. I know it's wishful thinking...but one can dream, can't they?

Sandi Bowman

Dream of what Sandi? That people are going to change because you want them too? Because we can educate them to understand?

Your diatribe sounds like Ron Paul at the debates...probably very righteous thinking...but not practical, not useful, not purposeful at all.

What people are still subject to 19th century thinking? The majority of our visitors here at SowPub? Most of the people in your neighborhood? The vast majority of American citizens?

I don't get who the THEY and them are. What legislation do you want repealed and what are doing to repeal it? What lawmakers do you want out of office and who are you going to replace them with?

Sounding the bell and trying to get people to see the writing on the wall, so they can prepare for bad economic weather if and when it comes...even if it is created by a few...is hardly being a FEAR mongerer.

"I have very little patience with the scaremongers who predict this, that, and the next thing and broadcast their doom and gloom everywhere without thought of the fallout..."

What exactly is the fallout ? of predicting, forecasting and broadcasting their opinions...and preparation is NOT doom and gloom...it is a siren...a warning signal...and you and others are free to ignore it if you want.

Do you have some very specific steps we can take to keep the us from "simple minded panic'?

I'm not acting out of simple minded panic...I see what is happening, how are your drug costs doing? How is teh price of your medication...DOWN? THANKS to Wal-Mart?

Millions of baby boomers ARE impacting our life...not a dream, not a wish, but a fact of life...the aging boomers will have an economic effect upon our health care...upon social security...and I'm not sure who you are referring to regarding

"and people with their hands out for anything they can grab from the gov"

We have to either cut THEIR hands off (whomever you are referring to) or not have anything for them to grab from the gov....right?

Well, I am sympathetic to your anger and frustration and your viewpoint...however, wishful thinking isn't going to be of much help I'm afraid...don't you think PREPARATION is going to do us more good? Or am I understanding you correctly and should I get my plastic coffee can and shovel ready and that's how I can get through any "fake" recessions that we create?

I just can't accept your hypothesis based on THEY and THEM and what we should do and didn't do.

I'm very clearly stating, I BELIEVE a recession is coming.

IF it comes (however it is created) most people are going to get HURT.

Some won't feel a thing. OTHERS will profit and prosper and be in a position to HELP other people because they gave some actionable thought and put well thought out strategy into their bag of tricks. OK?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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