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January 9, 2008, 10:41 PM
Hey guys -

I know this post isn't directly related to online marketing, but I thought it would create good discussion (since I believe that LOA does play a crucial element in becoming a successful Network Marketer).

I’d like to make a few comments regarding the Law of Attraction. What I found that worked for me, was my ability to stay DRIVEN.

After I first read and watched “The Secret”, I felt as though I was trying way too hard to “feel good” and “feel positive” 100% of the time. After a week of trying to do this, I almost felt like seeing a shrink! :-p. (For you Seinfeld fans out there, think of Frank Costanza….”Serenity now!” :-p).

After subscribing to an E-zine from Bob Doyle (an expert of The Secret and other personal development materials), I soon learned that the Secret isn’t about “feeling good” 100% of the time. There will ALWAYS be times where we’ll feel irritated, or feel tired, etc., etc.

What I found that helped me, was to use one KEY WORD that could somehow tie all of my emotions into that one key word (and in effect, allow me to be more consistent with my thoughts and goals REGARDLESS of how I was feeling). My Key word ended up being: DRIVEN.

-If I am feeling good? I say, “Great! Stay Driven.”

-If am feeling lousy? I say, “You know what? I’m pissed off. But I’ll stay DRIVEN.”

-If I’m feeling tired? I’ll say…I’m feeling lazy. Let’s get through this task. Stay DRIVEN.”

So for me personally, I started to see some decent results with the “Law of Attraction” once I started to unify my (varied) feelings with one key word (which then lead me having far more consistency with my thoughts).

So in conclusion - I DO believe that the Law of Attraction works. However - I think my method for the “Law of Attraction” is different than from the teachings of The Secret (unless I misinterpreted something). The Secret encourages one to “feel good” 100% of the time, while I believe that this is impossible (we as humans, are susceptible to a wide range of different emotions…sometimes on an hourly basis). The key for me is to unify these varied emotions with one key word, which then allows for more consistency of thought.

In the Secret, it talked about how we can monitor our (numerous) thoughts with our feelings. What I found what worked for me, was to monitor my (numerous) feelings with my key word.

What strategies/tactics/methods do you use for the Law of Attraction? What works for you?


p.s. If anyone is interested in knowing me more in depth (assuming that I didn't bore you with my post ;)), here is my bio page. http://www.myspace.com/kapildesai

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