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January 18, 2008, 06:59 AM
Maybe I'm imagining this, but here's a problem or hurdle creative entrepreneurs face... Are we 'strange?'

I feel as if I'm 'strange' all the time -- and maybe, in my case, I AM!

But, here's my point: When you take your ideas to people in the 'real' world, there's a good chance the real world will see you as strange.

New ideas are 'strange' or unusual, by definition. Challenging the status quo -- and people don't generally like change -- especially when it comes from a stranger out of left field.

How have you dealt with that hurdle? Or, has being 'strange' STOPPED you from moving foward with some of your ideas + plans?

How do you cope with being seen as 'strange?'

Here's a very MINOR example of what I mean... I can remember once I was trying to get a web designer to understand what a ONE-page, scroll-down, long copy WEBSITE is. When he FINALLY understood, he turned to me and said, "but that wouldn't be a proper website." I'm SURE he thought I was the strangest person on earth.

Any thoughts on this? It's a real hang up with me -- finding people who are OPEN to new ideas. Ideas that are obvious to you and me -- but not 'obvious' in the 'real world.'

I'd be curious to see how some of you have handled this issue -- or maybe some of you don't see it as an issue at all.

-- TW

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