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January 26, 2008, 07:55 PM
...then why should I pay one copywriter more than another?

If one person CAN write copy convert more people, how can that be? Isn't he/she CHANGING (increasing) the 'already-existing' momentum?

If that's so (and, of course we know it IS so), then doesn't it also hold true that getting the conversion-improving message TO *qualified* potential customers puts the sendER of the message in control of the results?

NOT sending out the sales letter does NOT produce the same results as sending out the letter!

So, momentum can be CREATED (or increased) by the marketER that didn't 'already exist' before. Yes, the list must be *qualified*! But one of the qualifications does NOT have to be "there was an already-existing momentum toward what we are offering."

What % of people who bought GH's coat of arms offer had any already-existing momentum towards buying a coat of arms? I'm guessing less than 5%. Maybe less than 1%. That's less than 1% of his PAYING CUSTOMERS - people who DID buy! Yet, it is one of the most mailed letters in history. How can that be?

That illustrates the ultimate goal of a marketing machine. The ability to take *qualified* people who are just sitting there, minding their own business, and REACH THEM - whether they want to be reached or not -- and turn them into paying customers.

-- TW

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