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February 4, 2008, 04:03 AM
Peter Sun - the man who could not make a success at business but who became wealthy by...

1: Selling info on how to make a business wealthy (something he couldn't do)
2: Selling Rights for $18k to $25k to others to sell his "how to make your business wealthy" material.

Interestingly, his ad criticizes those who sell stuff by saying you can make money by mailing 1,000 letters, and those who promote make money online stuff. I say interesting because he's known for sending out letters that began...

Imagine this. On Monday you pop by the post office and mail 1,000 letters. And that's all the work you need to do to...

And he also sold stuff on how to make money online.

And had dealings with those who promise to turn $5 into $100 by gambling.

I recall he did try to get into the Success Guru arena. Al la Tony Robbins. But that mustn't have worked well for him. Because now, it seems, he is Implying at being a Real Estate Guru by the repeated used of Real Estate in his ad. Even borrowing from Kyosaki and calling it "My step-by-step cash quadrant formula".

Anyway. To see his one page newspaper ad - it ran in local suburban newspapers where such an ad can be had for a pittance compared to a real newspaper (like he accuses the other gurus of... if he is doing so well why not run the ad in the Major Daily) - follow this link http://www.michaelrossonline.com/PeterSunAd.pdf

And if you think, like he says, he will Never sell you another product, then I've got a bridge to sell you. It's a nice pretty moss green color. Ideal handyman fixer upper.

Michael Ross - keeper of the ancient scrolls of Mollex

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