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February 13, 2008, 12:47 PM
As a friend and I were talking about "slow business" (he's a small construction contractor i.e., room additions, patio decks, anything construction related really), I started thinking about some "door hangers" I've had sitting in my basement for the last year (about 1,000) that were just going to waste!

I said "let's put in a flyer for each of our biz and put them out in the local neighborhoods!" He thought it was a great idea. And of course, so did I. He does construction, I buy and sell houses on occasion. Good fit, non-competitive, etc.

Then I realized there might be another opportunity here. I could add some other local businesses to the flyer mix, get my flyer and delivery covered for free and maybe make a dollar or two!

As a quick test, I went to an local online bulletin board and sent an email to about 15 people who had posted small business ads there (local service type biz'z). Basically I explained what we were doing and ask if they'd be interested in joining us in our "quest for new customers" by adding one of their flyers in with ours.

I quoted a price of $25 for 200 houses (12.5 cents a house) as long as they would provide their own flyer. So far 2 out of the 15 responded, both said "yes".

I could easily fit 10 flyers (8.5 x 11 sheets each folded in half) into the bag without looking over-stuffed. 2 Freebies (me and my buddy) and 8 pay the $25 = $200

I've got two great kids in the house that are always interested in making some extra money. One will put the flyers in the bag, the other will deliver (or I could myself if needed).

I can pay my son to deliver (3.5-4 hours to deliver to 200 homes, hmmm say $50). And pay my daughter $20-25 to fold & stuff them into the bags (while she talks on the phone, watches movies on the computer and text 20 friends, all at the same time ... she's a real multi-tasker).

I would still have about $125, minus miscellaneous cost (my kids may negotiate for more, they're tough), so maybe I only make $100. But my flyer/ad is out for FREE.

I was thinking about putting a "Million Dollar Bill" (real EYE CATCHERS, I know sowpubbers have seen them) into the bag (bags are clear plastic) so the $ Bill could be seem right off to catch attention ... add a letter/message, something to the effect of "WANTED, Local biz'z Looking To Add More $$$ And Customers" (still thinking on that), and include the message I sent to the other local bizz'z via email that I spoke of before ... and then taking a drive to visit some local biz'z to drop them off to the owners/managers of other locals who might be interested in joining in on flyer idea.

It seems like something that could turn into a small profit center.

I'll start with 200 houses, 10 biz'z, and maybe do 200 more each week?

Any thoughts on this plan/idea?


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