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February 14, 2008, 10:01 PM
Some years ago (it may have been in the mid 80's) a BIG "Mail Order Guy" made a small fortune selling a $20 report on "How To Stop Foreclosure"....Instantly!"

He sold jillions of these with ads in the Tabloids and via mail order.

It was a legit deal. It may still be.

He told how to go to your County Courthouse "Legal Library" and ask to see a Special "Legal Document" that any property owner can use to file at the Courthouse.

This "Document" had to do with anyone entering the Armed Forces of our country can file to forestall ANY legal proceedings against them...INCLUDING "Foreclosure"....until they became civilians again.

So...what this guy told you to do (for your $20) was...either find someone you know who is planning on enlisting OR....even go so far as to "Stand In Front of a Recruitment Center" and explain the program to someone enlisting and get them to sign and file the document.

I don't recall but, I think it had to do with making the enlistee a "Parner on the Deed".

Back in '82 when Exxon had built up a GIANT operation on the West Slope of Colorado...pulling Oil out of Shale Rock....and then on "Black Sunday"...shut her down completely....throwing 2,500 men out of a job.

Many of them just went to the banks and mortgage cos and gave them their house keys BUT...I remember a few men who used this "making an enlistee a partner in their house"...and saved their home from foreclosure.

This gave them a few years to get their feet back on the ground.

You could check with the Legal Librarian in your County Courthouse. If this thing is still good (I don't see why not)...you could sell a few thousand for $20 or more.

This "niche" market of a few hundred thousand home owners....is so HUNGRY for something like this...they're STARVING!

Don Alm

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