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February 22, 2008, 11:29 AM
I live in the Northeast ( New Jersey)......Today we got "hit" with a whopping 2 inches of snow......

We don't get much snow due to that fact that I live near the shore and the air is generally warmer and we get mostly rain.

Anyway, I'm recently unemployed and when I saw that we were getting snow and everything was coming to a grinding halt, ...schools closed, stores closed...people scrambling to buy food at the supermarket, etc.....I figured I'd be able to get out and shovel some snow.

The snow quickly turned to rain and now there is no snow on the roads , sidewalks or driveways!

So, I'm sitting here thinking that IF it was still snowing, a good target market would have been senior citizens that don't live in Senior Citizens developments.

I could get a list of these homeowners and target them by knocking on the door.

This led me to think of other ways to make some money off this market.....with the list , I could develop a direct marketing campaign to do odd jobs around the yard and home for them.

Just a thought and maybe this thought could give others some ideas for making some cash.


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