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February 27, 2008, 01:15 PM
in your future.

If you are getting a tax refund, or expecting the rebate check, it would be a good idea to take a look at your future and invest that money into something that is going to help you.

Good golly Molly, online, there are at least 1001 courses and HOW to products to put your arms around. If you always wanted to get that costly Internet Marketing course, and you are sincere and want to work on the Internet...that might be a good investment for your refund or rebate.

Another opportunity is with the Jim Straw Course, and if you get it through my affiliate, I'll also give you whatever support you might need as long as you are doing...


That's my link.

Before you order, shoot me an email and we'll have a discussion about it, OK?

NOW is a good time to invest in that software, or membership site...use that refund and/or rebate or BOTH, to make your future brighter and more secure.

Sure, a vacation is nice. And a new bathtub and/or some new toys...a big TV...but if you take this money and INVEST it wisely, and if you do nothing else, how about trying to get a 33% ROI by chatteling?????

Say you get 1000 bux combined, refund and rebate...look on craigslist or eBay and see if you might be able to make 333 dollars with your 1000. THEN, do it again and again...3 times...and you've got an EXTRA thousand dollars to use...then you go ahead and get that new TV AND you'll have enough "free" money to invest in the Jim Straw course...


IF you have some money coming your way via Tax Refund/Rebate...THINK before it arrives on ways that you could put it to use and make it grow even bigger.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. OR use that money to start your own local HOTSHEET even.

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