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Duane Adolph
March 3, 2008, 07:45 PM

Thank You for the monologue page. I found some other Monologue texts that I particularly enjoyed.

When I heard the answer

"F*** YOU, that's my name!! You know why, Mister? 'Cause..."

I couldn't stop laughing.

Dan Pena says " Who Cares what the Dufus's Think", or "Who Cares what the Morons Think"

Dan Kennedy mentions: that some sales people have a "Hang up" about selling to People that they THINK "should not" or "could not" afford whatever HIGH PRICED item their selling.

He then proceeds to share his view, which is basically that those same People will be SPENDING THE money anyway, on some other worthless piece of crap, so you might as well sell them your wares.

Because in the end SOMEBODY is going to get the money....why not you?


Thanks for the link.

For the text version try this...


Michael Ross

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