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Dien Rice
March 18, 2008, 08:12 PM
I want to add that the info products were generic, having nothing to do with making money with small booklets. Someone mentioned this in his forum and Krug replied that their purchase would gain them entry into a special forum, which would be all about the small booklet business. As I mentioned earlier, that turned out to be an empty promise.

Hi Gerard,

I've gotten several of Jimmy Krug's products, and I personally liked them. (I wasn't aware he had promised a private forum, so I guess that never registered...)

His technique for making money with booklets (i.e. selling them in bulk to corporations) was new info to me...

Anyway, I don't think he's making any "big money" from selling his online products. You generally don't make big money selling info-products one-by-one at the low prices he sells them for. To my understanding, he makes most of his money offline, doing what he writes about in his reports.

Just my take on it (as a past Jimmy Krug customer)...

Best wishes,


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