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Skip Rosell
March 20, 2008, 12:57 PM
I have been asked too many times to remember..."How can I set up my first web page".

The ones asking do not want to become web masters just be able to set up a simple web sales page with a payment method.

I have taken the time to help quite a few of my members do what I do to set up a sales page. Nothing fancy as you can tell from most of my pages. :) But a way to get started quickly. Then each person can learn more on their own. They just NEED that push and instructions to start and see some results quickly.

If I put down in a report, how I have helped others, with screenshots and step by step instructions. Then offer the following one-on-one instructions:

1) One question a night by email Monday thru Thursday (I don't work weekends) on any part of the basic set up for their web pages.

2) At anytime within the first 60 days a 30 minute phone call where I will answer questions and walk them through the set up.

3) Also give them free software that they need.

Here is what I would like feed back on:

Should I do this as just a report with one-on-one support?

Or should I do this as a 3 or 6 month membership? That way the instructions would be broken into baby steps and not over whelm anyone. Also they would have the 3 or 6 months to ask questions.

Which would you want if you needed this kind of help?

Either way what do you think the pricing should be?

I thank you for your help in advance.

Best of success,

Skip Rosell

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