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Dien Rice
March 28, 2008, 05:37 PM
World War ONE, the war to end all wars just ended.

During the next two decades MILLIONS of immigrants found their way to the United States.

Back then, there was a "sign" of becoming an American; the use of the English language.

These new Americans wanted their children and grand children to be U.S. citizens, and in many homes the native tongue was replaced by American English.

So you have MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people who don't want to make 'these' mistakes in English. I'll give the copywriter his due, it is a great ad...but the timing was there also.

The media to deliver the ad was present as never before in history.

The market was huge. Testing showed (apparently) that the addition of the word "THESE" in the ad turned it into a winner.

Timing is hardly ever discussed in copywriting circles, many copywriters are ego centric and truly believe it was their genius that produced the results...and in some cases that may be true. But, just as likely, in many other cases, the TIMING was there too.
Hi Gordon,

Thanks - I think this is a BRILLIANT insight!

And I've never seen this discussed in the context of the "Do You Make These Mistakes In English" ad...

As you point out, it makes sense that a "tsunami" of demand for this type of product was certainly a big part of its success!

It reminds me of your own product, "Remote Influence" - and your formula,

"E of A = H of R SoM + P0I"

"The Effectiveness of your Attempt to influence someone
remotely is equal to the Harmony between the
Recipientís State of Mind and the Pre-Occupational
Interrupter used to gain attention."

When people are "preoccupied" (as they would have been with learning English), the right approach can create powerful influence (and of course, is very good for marketing)...

Thanks Gordon for that insight. It's truly something you don't get in the various books!

- Dien

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