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Dien Rice
April 8, 2008, 12:12 AM
I'm all for equal opportunity... But sometimes a man just has to be a MAN!

And one area that really needed "real man" treatment is the area of bicycle seats! After all men and women use the same types of bicycle seats... What's up with that?

Finally, someone has come up with a solution... REAL MAN Bicycle Seats!

No "soft", "comfy", "cushy" padding here... No... Bicycle seats for REAL MEN are made out of SOLID GRANITE!


You can read more about them here!


Finally! A solution for REAL MEN like myself!

Oh... by the way, I probably won't need one for next Christmas... I'll just stick with my soft, cushy, padded bicycle seat for now, thanks. :D

- Dien

P.S. The above link is a spoof page created by Sheldon Brown... His site is a real treasure-trove of info for bicycle enthusiasts. Sadly, he passed away recently. You can read more about him and his site here...

P.P.S. Don't let the sad news stop you from getting your REAL MAN solid granite bicycle seat!

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