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April 13, 2008, 04:20 AM
A Tube Top Into a Must-Have for Moms...

Always be on the lookout for those interesting Niche problems...

Yes... Ideas are all around us... :)

Modern Mompreneur: Ingrid Carney Transforms a Tube Top Into a Must-Have for Moms

What made you believe you could turn the BellaBand into a business?

The BellaBand solved a problem; it was an unmet need women had been living with for years and self-remedying with rubber bands, safety pins and upsizing to ill-fitting clothing alternatives. My training taught me to test a market prior to determining a market need, as I was merely a test market of one. So, I tested among many women in the Bay Area. The results were overwhelming. I knew I had something that would more than solve a need. It could help anyone who was pregnant and it would sell.

And if you read through things Carefully... There's another Huge opportunity and Niche to develop this product into...


It's a Marketplace to seriously Think about for business ideas and Health related issues...


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